If you are looking for first-class service in Kansas City Security Systems, Security Cameras and Fire Alarms, you have come to the right place! Excellent customer service is our top priority.

  • A+ rating with the BBB.
  • We have sold and installed over 14,000 security systems in Kansas City since 1994.
  • We are Local
  • We are a full service alarm company offering sales, service, installation, and monitoring
  • Our services include, alarm systems, video surveillance, security cameras, access control, sound systems,and more..


5 Questions to Ask Any Alarm Company!

1. Will my monitoring rate go up even though I am signing a contract?(Scharig Alarms doesnt require a long term contract. You can lock in on our low rate though for as long as 5 years if you wish.)

2. Are you a franchise from another part of the country? (Scharig Alarms Systems is a  family owned LOCAL company and we have been serving the greater Kansas City area since 1994. We are not an out of state franchise. 

3. How Long have you been in business and what is your experience level? ( Since 1994, Scharig Alarm Systems has sold and installed over 14,000 security systems.)

4. Are you an Accredited BBB Member. (Yes, We have maintained an A+ BBB rating.)

5.  Is your monitoring center local here in Kansas City? (Most big box alarm companies monitor your system from another state. Our monitoring center is right here in Kansas City. Its a UL listed 5 diamond rated montioring center)

 Get real security starting at a very affordable price, using U.L. Rated Honeywell Equipment with monthly monitoring for only $19.99 per month NO LONG TERM CONTRACTS! Unlike the big box alarm companies, our equipment is secure from bad guys easily defeating the system! Call for your free security system review and we will explain in more details how easy most alarm systems are defeated.


Wireless Monitoring

No Phone Line? No Problem! Upgrade your system with a digital cellular communicator. It will transmit your alarm signals wirelessly thru the cell towers. This is a stand alone device, it has nothing to do with your own personal cell phone. This is an option for anyone who does not have an existing land line, or if you want to get rid of your land line, or if you are worried about your phone line getting cut.


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Do you have an Existing Alarm System?

Lower Your Bills! Do you have an existing alarm system with a company that just keeps raising your rates. We can give you the exact same service, and in a lot of cases, better service  for a lot less than most companies are charging! Our rates are as low as $19.99 per month. We can easily takeover most alarm systems in about 10 minutes. There is absolutley no hassle on your part. We will do everything to get you new service, hassle free,  for a lot less money. Guaranteed!!!

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